07 Jul Are Ads Really Noticed When They’re Read on Tablets?

Advertising on TabletPrint. iPhone. Desktop. Tablet. There is a multitude of formats for serving ads, and it is perpetually growing. Figuring out where ads really reach and resonate with consumers can be overwhelming for today’s marketers.

The Wall Street Journal shared some new research suggesting that tablet magazine advertising is just as, if not MORE effective as print campaigns. A recent study found that ads in tablet versions of magazines have the same average level of reader recall as print magazine ads.

The average recall found by GfK for both print and digital ads last year was 52%. What’s interesting is that effective digital magazine ads were recalled by more than 80% of readers, the same as a well-crafted print message.

Good news for real estate!

In the digital world, home and building ads had the highest average level of reader recall at 64%. Keep in mind that these digital magazine ads are typically interactive: features that help readers learn more about the products or services being advertised play a big role in recall.

If you’re a builder, developer or realtor still struggling to make that switch into the digital realm with your ads, or if your digital ads are still flat, online versions of your print campaign, we can help! We’ll help you get interactive so your audience engages and remembers you when it counts!

How do your digital ads stack up to print campaigns? Share by commenting below!

Sibet B Freides