04 Aug How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

ideaviews pinterest for businessYou may think that Pinterest is for pictures of wedding cake and cats. You’re partially right, but it has rapidly become a growing medium for small businesses as well.

Here are some ideas to leverage this social media newcomer for your business.

Create interesting boards. Most companies post photos of their product or services. You have to think of what will compel people to share.  Digital Trends recently spoke of Deschutes Brewery in Oregon. Their page has boards for recipes using beer, lists of events they are putting on and even how to reuse old bottles around the house. This is a fun way to extend your brand and make your company even more useful and accessible. Deschutes even has a board for beer news so people can learn more about their product. Like on your Blog, if you become the go-to for information on your product while also producing some really interesting content people will be engaged.

Hold contests. How about choosing a “follower of the week” and offering a weekly prize? People will want to flock to your Pinterest boards once they hear about a $25 gift card.

Don’t forget to make your website pinnable. By adding a “Pin It” button to your site, it makes it very easy for people to share things they think are cool when they are browsing. In addition to being highly visual, social media today is also about convenience, so make it easy for people to engage!

Keep it up. Just like all social networks, you have to maintain your Pinterest profile. When people follow you, look at their boards and follow back. Pin others’ items, don’t just upload your own content. Share, comment and engage!

How is your business using Pinterest? Share by commenting below!

Sibet B Freides