29 Sep Why Should You Use Facebook Graph Search?

loupe-1090138-mFacebook’s Graph Search may seem complicated, but it’s a priceless way to find information on your competitors and locate new “likers” for your page. How?

PostPlanner recently mapped out some of the great uses for this tool, starting with Local Search.

When looking for local businesses, whether to spy on your competition or find where your fans are spending their time on social media, start with a local search using phrases such as:

Restaurants in Downtown Atlanta
Atlanta Intown Condos
Coffeehouses in Gwinnett County
Clothing stores in Midtown Atlanta
Shoe stores in East Point

Did you know that you can also search for Facebook pages using search terms like:

Pages similar to _____ (insert page name)?


To attract more likers, you have to be aware of their interests, which they make public on Facebook if you know where to look. By knowing their interests, you can both attract them to your page and keep them engaged with content that appeals to them.

Where does Graph Search fit in? You can use it to learn more about the interests of your fans like this:

Pages liked by ______ (insert name of friend)


Interests liked by ______ (insert name of friend)

Finally, joining Facebook groups that are relevant to your business can show off your expertise and strengthen your brand, as long as you are providing valuable content and not trying to sell!

How do you use Facebook’s Graph Search? Share by commenting below!

Sibet B Freides