03 Nov Stop Groundhog Daying Your Status Updates

groundhog-day-drivingWhat’s “Groundhog Daying?” You know, that movie with Bill Murray where he keeps repeating the same day over and over again… are you doing this with your social media status updates?

Posting inspiring quotes and sharing memes are great for engagement, but don’t let that be the only strategy you have for your business page.

What about getting human for a moment? Pulling back the curtain and letting others take a peek into your business?  Today people want less polished fluff and more authentic views when they choose to do business with you. Here are some ways to accomplish this.

Try posting some real-time aspects of your daily routine.  People love this! When you show people your transparency it does a lot for your audience. You can post photos of who (or where) you are meeting, what you grabbed for lunch, or your product or service in action.

How about passing thoughts or inspiration as it arises? Did you just have an a-ha moment? Remember a funny client story? See a bumper sticker that reminded you of a life lesson? Share these thoughts with your audience and they will love the opportunity for a peek inside your mind.

Speaking of peeks, what about sneak peeks? Are you launching a new product? In the midst of working on a huge presentation? You can generate excitement by posting some “behind the scenes” photos of you and your team hard at work.

Short videos with a “thought of the week” or “Tip Thursday” are a great way to connect with people. Remember to keep these short and have a point, or people will jump ship quickly. Facebook videos have taken over your news feed… why not join the party?

Social media is, before anything else, social. How do you show your humanity on your social pages?

Sibet B Freides