26 Jan Better Homes and Gardens Reveals What Next Gen Homeowners Really Want

woman outdoorBetter Homes and Gardens recently surveyed the attitude and behavior trends of homebuyers in the U.S., with a focus on the “next generation.” The exclusive survey looked at their preferences on topics such as outdoor living spaces, home exteriors, kitchens, and the integration of smart technology and design in homes.

The survey was conducted to just over 1,600 U.S. female homeowners living in single-family homes. Of these, women 35 and under were reported to see great value in owning a home and had a significantly stronger attitude toward making their space livable through smart technology and integrated design. Many Millennials believe that smart technology makes their home safer and more enjoyable; while 64% believe this technology to be costly, nearly the same amount also say the investment will save energy in the end.

Survey participants also revealed that the kitchen and living room are the top rooms in the home to benefit from smart technology – especially heating and cooling systems, security systems and television controls.

Outdoor Living Space

Although it’s reported that outdoor space is currently limited to grilling, many of the survey respondents spoke about wanting an outdoor space to feel like a relaxing retreat for entertaining, not just for the average barbecue. Overall, the future of the outdoor space is that it is seen as an extension of the home and an important family gathering area. Fifty-three percent of Millennials surveyed responded that they dream of having outdoor lamps, party lights and landscape lighting in their outdoor living space.

As for the yard as a whole, Millennials have greater interest than those who are older in investing in security products, edible landscaping, play-space for kids, and larger/wider stone-made paths and patios.

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