28 Jan It May Be Time to Refresh Your Marketing

Customer behaviors change over time, especially with the ever-advancing digital trends. Testing content and reviewing your goals regularly gives you the ability to adjust your strategies to meet these changes.

If your website and social media is constantly barraging customers with sales offers, tired graphics and lackluster copy, your audience will snooze or move on. How do you refresh your marketing message?

Look outside the box. You can look beyond your usual sources for ideas, like other social media channels. This not only inspires you but can also give you insight into what your target audience is inspired by and likes.

Up your copy game. It’s time to steer clear of over-used phrases. Innovate and focus on copy with punch; be descriptive but get to the point without the extra marketing fluff. How do you accomplish this? Write your copy and then trim it all by 15% to tighten your message!

My, what big images you have! Images have more impact now, especially when screens can vary in size. We are visual creatures, and visuals communicate faster than words can. If you’re using stock photography, take the time to customize them with different colors and filters, and put a unique call to action on them.

Be sure to split test these changes and ideas with your audience so you know what they respond to most.

How do you meet your customers’ ever-changing needs? Share by commenting below!

image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Sibet B Freides