30 Mar Staging the Essential Room for Millennials

Millennials looking for new homes are willing to sacrifice extra square footage and some luxury features. However, it’s quite surprising to learn what realtor.org named as the one essential room that will not be compromised for this demographic: a separate laundry room.

This room topped the list in a recent Millennial survey by the National Association of Home Builders. Fifty-five percent said they wouldn’t buy a new home that didn’t have a separate laundry room. They also ranked storage as important, such as linen closets, a walk-in pantry, and garage storage.

With this information in tow, how are your agents presenting this key room in their listings? Now knowing it’s such a selling point, agents may want to add a photo of a staged laundry room to the MLS photos.

As far as staging goes, you can make the space look larger with soft paint color accented with white painted cabinets and trim. Fresh flowers and brightly colored curtains make it appear inviting.

Cubbies and wicker baskets are a unique way to show off storage options. You can even add a lower cubby for Fido or Fluffy, accented with a sleek pillow cushion. If space is tight, you can stack a washer and dryer and make room for some shelves.

There are lots of ways to stage this forgotten room, now that you know it’s essential to the next generation of homebuyers. Time to get ahead of your competition and start designing!

image courtesy of containerstore.com

Sibet B Freides