06 Jul Brands – Stop Talking AT Your Customers

Today’s technology allows us to make digital ads personal and targeted; yet brands continue to use these advanced digital platforms for old marketing tactics – shouting and touting about themselves. It doesn’t matter if you convey your message from a shiny new social network or an old-school newspaper ad – if you’re repeating a generic advertising message, consumers aren’t listening.

According to a survey commissioned by Marketo and posted on Media Post, brands should show ads less frequently and make the content of advertising more personalized and relevant across different channels and interactions.

When marketers continue to talk AT consumers rather than engaging with them, they will tune them out. Consumers want brands to talk to them personally, and will remain loyal to those that do.

Today’s consumers don’t mind the data collection techniques if it means a brand’s offers and communications are tailored to them, using their purchase history and how they have previously interacted them.

This requires that companies not only consider their advertising platform, but also adjust their mindset. Brand awareness is only the first step. Next is to facilitate in your marketing strategy how to foster long-term customer engagement.

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image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Sibet B Freides