31 Aug Want to Sell Your Home? Step Up the Tech!

Relying on a realtor for the first viewing of a possible home is no longer the norm. These days, buyers use the Internet and/or a mobile device to scope out possibilities and hunt on the go.

How can agents and sellers take advantage of the digital age? It’s time to step up the tech! Kiplinger shares some new tools to help you reach today’s tech-savvy buyers.

You can start by saying goodbye to having to constantly check on and refill those annoying paper flyers in the yard sign box and saying hello to an app called RealtyBeacon. Instead of having to get out of the car to fish out a weathered flyer, buyers will now have the info send directly to their iPhone or iPad when they pass within 100 feet of the pre-placed beacon transmitter.

Forget high-cost aerial photography in today’s drone age. Now you can provide a unique perspective to your buyers, especially if you have a high-end home with waterfront or large acreage.

Finally, realtors should take advantage of 3D Showcase, which lets buyers virtually tour a home’s interior in three dimensions. It also provides 3D floorplans that resemble a dollhouse view. 3D Showcase was created by Matterport, a developer and manufacturer of 3D photographic technology in Mountain View, California.

The company hopes that within two years, buyers should be able to immerse themselves in the space via a virtual-reality headset that they can plug into their smartphones.

image courtesy of dronelife.com

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