12 Oct Millennials’ Bottom Line: They Want Flexibility

Here builders stand, facing a demographic that numbers 82 million, and they are still struggling to satisfy exactly what millennials are looking for in a new home.

Though a diverse group, one of the most important things that young consumers appreciate is a home that can change and grow as their needs change. According to Builder Online, they want flexible spaces, adaptable floor plans, and other options that can accommodate shifting household composition, new family members (young or old), and changing work scenarios.

Not only is flexibility important to them, they are willing to pay for customized homes. Of their home buying budget, this group spends up to 22% on customization options.

What does a flexible home look like?

The kitchen and open living space are being treated as the “hub” of the new millennial house – a place to charge devices, cook, and entertain. Laundry and storage are ideally hidden behind this area.  A flex room is a must – it could be a nursery, a game room, an office or a bedroom, depending on what the homeowner needs and where he or she is in life. The bedroom(s) should be at the far end of the home, acting as a retreat from the noise of everyday life.

The millennial home should up to date on energy efficiency standards, and should be wired for technology that controls the temperature, lighting and security system and door locks.

image courtesy of homeguides.sfgate.com

Sibet B Freides