26 Oct How Smart Should Your Smart Home Be?

smart homeThere is a new wireless, Bluetooth-based home protection system with LED light bulbs that have built-in rechargeable batteries and smart-modules, which are hidden inside the bulbs. These provide safety lighting in emergency situations, but that’s not all. They’re intuitive.

The bulbs respond to the natural movements of homeowners’ daily routines, such as slowly fading off as family members walk from room to room. The intuitive part is that the smart modules will mimic the homeowner’s daily routine and play it on a loop whenever they are away from their home, tricking potential invaders into believing that someone is home when they are not. The system also responds to the doorbell by sequentially turning on lights in the house to look like someone is coming to the door.

This system can also recognize fire and carbon monoxide alarms, and instantly turn on lights for a fast emergency exit. With rechargeable batteries, the lights can last up to 22 years.

Do you think this kind of smart system improves homeowner safety and security, or is it borderline too smart? Share your comments below!

Sibet B Freides