17 Mar 6 Tips for Choosing The Right Web Design Partner

Selecting the right partner for a complete web redesign can be a challenge for most businesses, especially in real estate development. Most websites tend to be large and complicated because of the high level of information and “searchability” required to meet the needs of its audiences.

All to often, these needs go unmet by agencies. This is mostly due to the fact that the agency was not thoroughly looked into before being hired. Here are 6 tips that have helped various real estate related businesses choose the agency that works best for them.

1.Understand your needs

The first thing that needs to be done 99.9% of the time is establishing a basic understanding of what your company’s requirements are. Making a list is often helpful, as well as adding any websites that stand as an inspiration. Take a look at the agencies used for those websites and see how well they are doing. Also, take keen interest in the questions a potential agency may ask you and determine if they are hitting the right topics such as style, organizational tone, and target audience.

2. Look beyond the portfolio

When agencies send you their portfolio, check to ensure that it matches your needs. But also ask the following, has the agency worked on a similar website to yours? What about in a similar industry? And are the reputations of other companies worked with in good standing within said industry? Keep in mind that an agency’s reputation in any industry is just as important as the companies they work with.

3. Question development

An agency may state that they complete all tasks in-house, but is this really true? This is an important consideration that may make or break your deal. If the agency handles all aspects in-house it may save you much relief and time, especially if what is outlined in their proposal is actionable. How do you find out?  Look at their previous work. If it feels undone or looks haphazard, chances are they are not being truthful about their services. If they do outsource, it is not the outsourced work itself that is the worry, but the third party company who will manage it. They would need to be researched as well.

4. Look into experience

Years of experience may not be a make-or-break for hiring an agency but it does play a major role. If the agency has been in the industry for a long period of time, they may have keen insight into the latest trends and in-depth knowledge of multiple industry arenas. For example in real estate, Idea Associates has been in business for over 28 years and has experience working with clients in different areas of real estate ranging from contractors and brokers to commercial and residential developers. Agencies with industry insight bring valuable knowledge to the partnership.

5. Apply distinction (where applicable)

When it comes to choosing the right agency, don’t fall for technical terms being thrown at you. Ask about website traffic, responsive web design, and lead generation. Take note of what makes that agency distinctive. If they really do cater to the unique needs of each client, they will suggest a variety of web elements with a hint of ingenuity about each. If they are knowledgeable about your industry and capable of creating a custom design suited for your business needs, they will stand out.

6. Examine the proposal

Asking the agency for a comprehensive proposal could be seen as another test they must pass. A proposal should consist of a basic outline of processes and strategy and should explain how it will be implemented to reach the expected outcome. It should also include a cost breakdown of all services, including package options where applicable (such as social media, graphics, etc.) and should include optional services as they apply to your company.

A sign of a good web partner is one that is able to work around budget information provided by the client. And as always, a set deadline before the project begins is essential before any commitment takes place. If an agency can work with all the parameters provided, there really is no better partnership.

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Deciding on the right web agency for your business can be complicated if the right questions are not explored and parameters not set. The selection process takes time, but if done right, can result in a great partnership with great results.

Image courtesy: thestrategydistillery.com

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