26 Aug How to Make Your Website Feel ‘Bespoke’

Here at Idea, we’re constantly on the lookout for what’s new and fresh in web design, which means we spend a lot of time looking at the design of new websites. But, in our most recent research, we’ve found that we’re coming across more and more websites that look eerily similar. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that many of the themes and functions that used to set a site apart are now widespread, even expected as the standard for web design and functionality. So, since nothing gets a user to click away from your site faster than a sense of déjà vu, how do you combat uniformity and make your site stand out, without sacrificing functionality? One word: Bespoke.

When you think of bespoke, you probably think of finely tailored, custom made tweed suits from London’s famous Savile Row. Those suits lend an air of distinction and quality to the wearer, even to the untrained eye, and when you’re translating the term to web design it should evoke the same feelings in the end user. However, like custom tailored tweed, a completely bespoke site doesn’t necessarily fit into most marketing budgets. But, with a few tweaks and a higher attention to detail, you can lend a similar air of originality and intrigue to your site, without breaking the bank. Here are just a few of the details to consider that can take your theme-based site from off the rack to bespoke.


Goodbye Stock Photography…

This may be the most controversial point in this post, but hear us out. Stock photos are a convenient and cost-effective way to add high quality images to your website. However, the popularity of the stock photo and the relatively small number of stock photo websites to choose from makes overlap almost unavoidable. You don’t have to rid your site of any and all stock photos, but for that bespoke feel, make sure the first few photos your user sees on your site are original, whether of the product, your team, or a photo taken specifically for your site. Or try something totally new, which brings us to our next point…


…Hello Hand Drawn

Out with the new, in with the old? Turning everything we know about website design on its ear seems to be part and parcel of this semi-bespoke web design. Continuing with that theme is the rise of ‘hand drawn’ designs as part of the website. Whether it’s typography or an illustration, there is a level of freedom allowed to hand drawing that isn’t readily available in graphic design and is almost non-existent if you’re using website theme pre-sets. And, with that freedom comes a new level of creativity and uniqueness that gives your site an undeniably individual feel.


Try a New Color!

With technology continually advancing and improving, some of our old standards for web design are technically irrelevant, yet are still held as a rule. One such standard? Web safe color. Older monitors couldn’t handle the complexity of certain colors, so palettes of fairly simple colors were created to make sure all websites looked their best across any monitor. However, the improved capability of today’s monitors (including smart phone and tablet screens) gives you the option of playing with color and trying something new. Breaking out of the web-safe palette to add one or two accent colors will give your site a fresh, unique look and help to reinforce your branding efforts.


Don’t Forget Video

Video in web design is certainly nothing new. However, moving images (whether video, animation, or GIF) continue to drive engagement and catch the user’s attention. And, an embedded video is an incredibly easy way to add a personalized touch to any page. Consider recording a brief welcome message for your home page, or a tutorial or walk-through for your about page, rather than (or in addition to) paragraph copy.


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