28 Apr The Future Of Affordable Smart Homes For The Masses

Have you ever seen shipping containers stacked together on a dock and thought, “I think i’d like to live in one of those”? Well Aaron Holm, a former Amazon product manager, has the perfect new home design for you. Holm calls his new housing venture, Blokable, and the start-up is planning to develop affordable communities of block-shaped homes that conserve space, cut down on construction time, and sport the newest features in smart home technology.

The Blokable team has conceptualized each Block with a variety of interior and exterior amenities. Bloks can be fitted with external infrastructure like balconies and staircases and the design allows them to be stacked together up to five stories high. Internal features and utilities, such as electricity, water, and lighting, can all be controlled by tablet. This smart home tech feature also allows homeowners to set their Bloks to different power settings like home, away, or sleeping.

Blokable has started work on an apartment project set to open in spring of 2018 and with it will come a new kind of development. In a press release, the Blokable team explained their outlook on a more efficient, cost effective housing market future. “Imagine a world where a community or a developer buys a plot of land to build a multi-story housing complex. They create the full building layout and get an immediate cost and time estimate for delivery and installation of the project. In a matter of months the project is completed and people and families are moving in.” The development cycle can be completed in less time, giving builders and consumers more options for affordable home development and buying.

The start-up’s vision of the future of affordable housing is only the beginning. Family residences, shopping centers, and retail stores are also included in Blokable’s concept images and it’s clear they have ambitious goals for the future of real estate.




Sibet B Freides