29 Sep Drone’s Eye View

Real Estate has been on the cutting edge of new technology lately. From smart homes to VR integration, the way we interact with the commercial and residential market has become more intimate and advanced. Unsurprisingly, a popular gadget is becoming more prominent in the real estate world and turning visual marketing on its head.

Drones are small, unmanned aircrafts that are remotely controlled. This technology has been used in a variety of ways since the early 80’s but it’s found a new life in recent years in agriculture, traffic management, marketing, and more. In real estate, drones give you a fluid 360-view of a property that was once unattainable without help from an expensive film crew. Sellers can showcase expansive bird’s eye visuals of their property with landscape sweeping videos and images. Like in this example from Shaun Dagget, an FAA licensed UAS pilot, drones can give your ordinary looking home a boost with skyline visuals of your spacious backyard or a beautiful nearby park. When you incorporate these unique angles, buyers take notice and take action.

Although drones are more accessible than ever, creating a marketing video of your home or real estate property is more complicated than just purchasing your own drone and letting it fly. To legally operate a drone for business purposes, you must possess an FAA UAS Pilots License. To successfully obtain a license, you’ll need to complete a knowledge test that covers topics ranging from aviation law to technical terminology. Once you’ve received your license, you will need to practice flying the drone to ensure you can do so safely. When you’ve mastered all of the above, you’re ready to create your own marketing video. Highlight the amazing angles of your home and showcase its unique features that otherwise wouldn’t be seen. If you prefer to hire a professional drone pilot, there are many drone marketing agencies that are licensed, insured, and experienced. Whichever path you choose, drone technology allows you to market your property in breathtakingly unique ways at an affordable value.

Like many technological advances, drones have evened the playing field across industries and income brackets. Smaller businesses, entrepreneurs, and individual sellers can capture high-quality footage and create professional looking marketing material, without breaking the bank. Real estate marketing has never been more immersive and drones are another breakthrough technology that gives consumers a new world-view.


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