13 Oct Preparing For 2018

The New Year is the perfect time to improve on old habits, develop more efficient routines, and work towards new goals. With the New Year just a few short months away, businesses are already improving, developing, and working on their marketing strategies for 2018. Many of the trends of yesteryear will continue to make an impact in the first quarter but there are still a few innovate strategies that marketers can look forward to.

With each passing year, video content continues to grow in popularity. Live video in particular has captured the attention of users and studies have found that people are more likely to stick around and spend three times longer watching a live stream than a video that isn’t live. Video also has a greater chance of reaching audiences with 135% greater organic reach than photos and related content. As the demand for video content grows, the supply has grown as well. User posting of video content has increased by 75% in just the past two years. Live video and visual content creation show no signs of slowing down and this trend is set to become even more popular next year.

In the mobile world, it’s clear that cell phones are doing much more than just making calls these days. Websites, apps, and advertisements are being optimized for mobile viewing first, prioritizing the user experience for those engaging with content on a phone or tablet. Since people travel with their phones, marketers are using geofencing to interact with users on-the-go and utilize offline spaces for their benefit. By creating a digital barrier around specific locations using GPS technology, marketers can send users relevant advertisements and content related to their real-time circumstances. Ever marvel at the coincidental Steve Madden ad that pops up in your mobile browser as you’re at the shoe store shopping for a new pair of boots? Geofencing is the source and can make price comparisons and online shopping that much easier.

Preparing your business for the New Year involves a lot of overhaul, reorganization, and planning. While you focus on the business, let Idea Associates worry about the branding. Our creative and marketing experts can utilize the strategies above and many more to make your brand a digital, creative, and consumer success.

Bruce Freides