27 Apr A Room with A View

There’s nothing more relaxing than stepping out on your balcony on a sunny afternoon and taking in the gorgeous view of the concrete wall next door. In case your sarcasm detector is busted, we can definitely think of a few things more relaxing than your view being obstructed by unsightly objects. When you fall in love with your home’s interior design and curb appeal, you may think the view from your bedroom window is of no consequence. However, the view you see, or don’t see, from the inside of your home may have significant bearing on its resale value.

When considering the aesthetic value of your home, there’s no question that exteriors matter. Your home’s curb appeal, the way it looks when viewed from the street, is often the first impression that potential buyers receive. If the front of your home isn’t visually appealing due to design flaws, neglected maintenance, or an unkempt lawn, you might be turning away potential buyers before they’ve had the chance to see the inside of your home. But the view from the outside isn’t the only thing that matters. Just as important to its visual appeal is the way the outside looks from within.

When you open a window in your home, what do you see? Are you gifted with a gorgeous view of your community’s lake, a well-kept park, a perfect view of the city skyline? Or, do you see unfinished construction, overgrown foliage, or a self-assured neighbor who refuses to close his blinds. If your current view seems like any of the unfortunate, latter mentioned visuals, this may be hindering your ability to attract prospects. An obstructed or otherwise unsightly view from your home affects its perceived value, giving a negative impression of the property. If you’re able to change your exterior view, for example, by performing frequent lawn maintenance to keep the nearby grounds visually appealing, you can increase the value of your property and generate more interest from buyers. If not, consider making changes that are in your control, such as adding stainless steel appliances, to add value to other areas of your home. If you have a great view already, even better! When you’re ready to sell, be sure to highlight this feature for prospective buyers.

A great view is a part of your home’s overall aesthetic value. What you see from the inside looking out says a lot about your home, your neighborhood, and your community. Though special consideration should always be given to evaluating the interiors and curb appeal of your home, a fantastic view can make all the difference in a buyer’s decision. And next time you’re shopping for a new home, be sure to ask for a room with a view.

Bruce Freides