03 Aug The Digi-Agent

In an age where everything is digital, fast-paced, and automated, it’s a wonder that we manage to interact with other human beings at all. For many people, the homebuying process in particular starts online and a real-life agent doesn’t enter the picture until your favorite home options have already been narrowed down and bookmarked. Even then, some of the most fundamental steps of the residential buying and selling process have been converted into apps and software, leaving people with the question, are their still benefits to working with an actual real estate agent?

There are many advantages to working with a real estate agent. Agents have an in-depth market knowledge that is difficult to come by for the lay person. An experienced real estate professional will know things like the median value of other local homes on the market, how to perform a proper home inspection, and the best way to organize and complete important documentation. Real estate agents will also have a network of industry resources they can leverage during the sales process. Agents who can connect buyers with professionally recommended contractors, inspectors, and insurance agents make things demonstrably easier for their clients who otherwise would need to find these resources on their own.

Though there are many benefits to working with a real estate agent, technology developed specifically for simplifying the home buying process has given buyers the ability to navigate a large portion of the process on their own. Online real estate databases like Zillow bring listings straight to the buyer, circumventing the need to hire an agent to browse openings on your behalf. This kind of technology allows buyers to find results that align with their budget and preferences and move through the process at their own pace. There’s also the benefit of becoming somewhat of an expert by independently researching the ins and outs of the market. When it comes time to sign on the dotted line, you can make the best deal for yourself as a self-sufficient, informed buyer.

Everyone’s home buying preferences will differ, but we think there are benefits to using both a real estate agent and technology. Different stages of the buying process call for a different set of skills and resources, so utilizing a little human help along with technology can offer the best of both worlds. Some real estate firms have caught on to the technological wave in the industry and have begun leveraging new tech to increase efficiency and better assist their clientele. Digital platforms like PadXchange helps buyers search for available homes, schedule private tours with local agents, write offers, and submit supporting documentation. By utilizing real estate experts and the ease of technology, companies like this have found the happy medium many buyers are looking for.

Bruce Freides