10 Aug Our Ideas: Blackridge

At Idea Associates, our ideas aren’t just made for the moment. The impact of our content is meant to reverberate through every element of your campaign. Our success is in our ideas and the results they generate. This year, our team has been hard at work developing innovative content that takes our clients’ campaigns to the next level. Here’s a look at one of our latest successes.

Hoover, Alabama is one of the most popular cities in Birmingham. Offering some of the area’s best schools and most exciting destinations, Hoover was just the right location for Blackridge, an upscale waterfront community. Using the community’s thriving locale and unique features as a foundation, the Idea Associates team began working on a logo, website design, social media strategy, and digital campaign. Each element was designed to raise awareness, bolster community engagement, and facilitate homesite sales.

Idea Associates successfully created and maintained a cross-platform social media presence for Blackridge, bolstering awareness amongst prospects and generating a consistent online following. The design for the Blackridge logo was made to reflect the unparalleled distinction of the community while also offering amenability in terms of placement. Because of its proficient design, the logo was able to function within various mediums including social media, digital ads, and signage.

Idea Associates also launched the Blackridge website and numerous digital advertisements which provided prospective residents with information about the community, its location, and up-to-date details on pricing and sales. The copy on both the website and the digital ads was informative and emotional, enlightening prospects while also capturing the essence of a lifestyle “beyond waterfront living”. Pictures, videos, and creatively edited stock imagery were used to give prospects a glimpse of the community’s visceral beauty, conveying what words alone could not. Through our efforts, we helped Blackridge connect with eager prospects, launch a successful Grand Opening, and surpass its sales goals.

We pride ourselves on the success of our ideas and our success is measured in results. Every one of our designs, social media posts, and advertisements is crafted with a tangible objective and long-term strategy in mind. Just as we did with Blackridge, all of our clients can rely on us to create, develop, and implement ideas that will lead to great results. If you are ready to get started on your next idea, give Idea Associates a call today!

Bruce Freides