23 Nov A Sense of Place

For 30 years, Idea Associates has helped market over 500,000 living spaces across 16 different states. In all of our campaigns, we’ve striven to create a sense of place for our clients and their customers. Here’s how we do it.


Any place worth residing is more than just a physical space. The way your home or office makes you feel is just as important as the brick and concrete that make up its foundation. That’s why our full-service marketing agency sets out to research, understand, and convey the experience that is unique to your property. We work with our clients to learn what makes them special and deliver a campaign that showcases the lifestyle and culture fostered by their distinctive features.


There’s a story behind every design. Developers, architects, contractors, and designers work together to build spaces that reflect the wants and needs of the surrounding community. Real estate design is an opportunity to honor the history of a space while revitalizing it for modern tenants. As our partners on real estate tell stories through architectural design, it’s our job as marketers to tell that story with engaging content. Instead of blueprints and construction tools, we use creative strategies, copy, and a multitude of visual materials to tell the story behind the design.


Every community sets a tone with its lifestyle and design. During each stage of the creative process, members of the Idea Associates team will often visit a client site in person to fully understand how the property feels and functions for a visitor. Armed with a first-hand perspective, we can then use that experience to inform our content creation.

Our goal is, and has always been, to develop original content that breathes life into the homes, apartments, offices, and residential communities that serve as the settings of our experiences. Check out our portfolio for examples of our biggest successes.

Bruce Freides