30 Nov A Portrait of Home

One of the key components of successful real estate marketing is providing a variety of detailed visuals for your audience. These visual elements can come in many forms, including photography and videos. Though the use of real imagery is very effective when marketing your properties, there are also benefits to going back to the drawing board, literally.

Publishing sketches, illustrations, and other two-dimensional designs of your homes gives prospects detailed information about the property in one visual. For example, floor plan illustrations show a view of the home from above, providing information about room and furniture layout, spatial arrangement, and pathways between each physical space. These images also offer a breakdown of the way the total square footage is distributed throughout the home. When flexible spaces are available for customizing, a floor plan illustration gives prospects the ability to visualize their home with and without these options. This information enables them to make a more informed purchasing decision.

Marketers and property owners can also use illustrations of a home’s exterior to inform and advertise. Exterior home drawings function as somewhat of a progress report for your team of builders and designers. Completed homes that reflect the structural design of early illustrations convey the consistency and quality of your development team. These designs also serve as great content for social media and digital advertising. A beautiful home illustration is eye-catching and has the potential to attract qualified leads who, after viewing a well-crafted design, are eager to see the finished product.

When advertising for an entire community, site plans are great visual assets to utilize. From a technical standpoint, site plans are simply maps that show how an area of land is divided. But from a marketing perspective, these maps help to

showcase your amenity offerings, home availability, and the layout of your neighborhood. Site plans provide your prospects with a detailed bird’s-eye-view of your community and its surrounding areas, giving them an immersive visualization of their life in your neighborhood.

As we’ve said on our blog before, visuals are vital in marketing. This is true across all industries, but real estate marketing provides a special opportunity to creatively utilize visuals. With the design and delivery of hand-drawn illustrations, real estate professionals have new ways to inform, entertain, and entice prospects. If you want to learn more about using illustrations in your marketing strategy, contact Idea Associates today!

Bruce Freides