25 Jan Going Digital

As marketing professionals are searching for more ways to increase reach and efficiency, digital technology is reaching new heights; literally. Digital billboards are allowing marketers to display a variety of messages and advertisements multiple times a day to thousands of viewers.

Digital billboards allow numerous brands to display advertisements in the same space. Using a computer-controlled electronic display, ads for a specific brand appear for a pre-determined amount of time, then cycle to the next message. With this method of promotion, multiple brands can take advantage of highly visible, popular billboard space. Digital billboards also allow for real-time content delivery, short-term event promotions, and the ability to test various campaigns with very little risk.

Another great aspect of digital billboards is the time and money saved on construction and distribution. With a traditional billboard, marketers have to weigh the costs of construction with the potential results of the campaign. Failed campaigns are more difficult to remedy as the billboard has to be manually removed and replaced. There is also the danger of general wear and tear that comes along with print materials in an outdoor space. Digital billboards are electronic and can be displayed without the hassle of hiring a team to literally build the ad. This enables marketers to create a campaign in-house and have it displayed on a major billboard in a matter of minutes. Campaigns that aren’t working can also be removed quickly, allowing marketers to course correct in real time. Digital displays don’t face the wear and tear issues that plague neglected traditional billboards, so ads can stay up longer and maintain their quality.

 With everything else in the marketing world going digital, it was only a matter of time before billboards soon followed. Incorporating these digital behemoths into your marketing strategy can help your brand connect with an audience that may otherwise have been out of your reach.  When developing your next major campaign, consider going digital in a big way with digital billboard ads.

Bruce Freides