22 Mar Personalization

In an era oversaturated with content, it takes a unique approach to engage your audience. This is where personalization comes in. Personalized content marketing uses customer behavior and intent to shape content that is specific to their interests.

Study your customers

The first step to effective content personalization is analyzing your customer. The data you collect on where they shop, what they buy, and how they interact with your brand will serve as the foundation for your content creation strategy. Tracking this information and incorporating it into your marketing efforts will enable you to better engage with your consumers. When your content is personalized, this engagement can come in the form of results such as increased sales due to preference-based recommendations, more audience interaction online, and additional qualified leads.

Take a humanized approach

Personalization is more than just analyzing data to create an individualized experience based on customer patterns. It’s also about being more personal in every aspect of your brand. Something as simple as using your customer’s name in an email can impact their impression of your brand. Writing your content from a human perspective as opposed to a marketing angle creates a more natural interaction between you and the customer. Instead of talking to a brand, they’ll feel like they are connecting with a real human being who cares about their experience.

Segment your audience

Your customers aren’t homogenous. They all have different interests, personalities, and needs. Segmenting your audience based on the criteria that make them unique will enable you to reach more people while still maintaining a personalized approach. For example, you can create a unique marketing strategy for customers who are active on social media versus those who communicate in other ways. The customers who value one thing about your brand may require a different message than those prioritize other aspects of your services. Creating smaller, more refined audiences within your larger customer base will give you the opportunity to develop content that speaks to everyone.

Bruce Freides