06 Sep Pinterest And Homebuilders

Pinterest may be one of the best social media platforms for Homebuilders to market their product. Pinterest lends itself to highly visual products like homes and good visually appealing posts can quickly go viral as they are pinned and shared across users. Let’s take a moment to examine Pinterest’s main users.

According to an article published by Builder Magazine, Pinterest users are a home builder’s dream audience. As stated by Builder, “97% are women, with an especially strong presence of upper-income women aged 18-34”. 85% of women use Pinterest to plan “life moments,” or big decision moments like buying a house. And with 250 million users annually, there’s a large key audience to put your homes in front of.

Homes are a lifestyle purchase and Pinterest is the best lifestyle-oriented platform at current. It is less text-oriented, highly idealized, highly visual content. For home builders, the key would be to make sure you have stunning photography that stays up-to-date with current visual trends. We think that the proper utilization of Pinterest could lead to high ROI for builders and would love to help you figure out the best strategic way to market on that platform. Feel free to get in touch by reaching out on our contact page.

Bruce Freides