24 Jan Expected 2020 Home Trends

Home design trends are always changing as new products come to market or different décor options come into vogue. With the beginning of a new year and a new decade, 2020 is no exception as a medley of updated home preferences take center stage in home builders’ designs. Here a just a few areas of the home we’ll see changes.

Smart Home Trends

Something that’s rapidly becoming integrated into 2020 home plans is smart home technology. Builders who might be considered “smart-home adopters” say that smart home products are now reaching a place where they are easy to add into designs, very convenient for the end-user, and leave owners feeling more secure overall. Smart home items are an easy win for attracting buyers. As of the end of 2019, roughly 54% of homes feature at least one smart-home device, with that number steadily trending upwards. What are the most used? Smart speakers, security systems, thermostats, monitoring cameras, and video doorbells are the top five purchased smart devices. The smart home is quickly becoming the normal home, and smart vendors will take advantage of this quickly growing market.

Exterior Home Trends

What are the aesthetics we’ll begin to see in exterior design? The rise of Modern Farmhouse has whetted consumer appetites for contemporary looks. Modern elements of clean, bold exteriors with warm accents are expected to make a strong showing in 2020 with material like metal roofs, vertical siding, big windows, and overall clean lines. Memorable outdoor living for smaller lots will also make an intentional appearance as outdoor spaces become more important for owners who can’t have the classic “pool and grill” patio.

Interior Home Trends

As we’ve talked about before, focuses on master bathrooms and the kitchen will be key for interior design. Luxury kitchen features are sure to entice buyers, and again, clean and modern looking is the goal. In a kitchen this can be achieved through concealed appliances, using slab stone backsplashes, and picking the right fixtures. Surveyed buyers now prefer non-busy stone counters like marble or quartz, and gray-stained wood-look flooring.

Expected 2020 Home TrendsThese are just a few key 2020 trends for builders to consider adopting. Did you see anything on our list you didn’t expect? Anything you thought was missing? Let us know by reaching out to us on FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn.

Bruce Freides