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Who We Are

Real Estate Experts | Problem Solvers | Creative Thinkers | Idea Developers

IdeaViews is your chance to get an idea of what Sibet and her team are discussing on a regular basis. It’s not a design blog, or a marketing blog, or a real estate blog, it’s all of that and more. Whether you’re looking for updates on the real estate market, information on demographics, design trends, or social media tips and tricks, all brought to you by a trusted and professional source, IdeaViews is your one-stop-shop.

When Sibet started IdeaViews, her goal was to share her expertise and experience with her readers. It remains Sibet’s hope that her readership sees IdeaViews as a resource; a reliable place for you to discover valuable information that will help you in your current or future projects.

For more on Idea Associates and what we can do for your real estate business, visit IdeaAssociates.com


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Sibet’s Passion

Sibet’s passion outside of real estate is homeless animal rescue. She works daily to get animals pulled from shelters in Georgia and sent to the NE or rescues where they can be saved. Hundreds of animals are euthanized weekly in Georgia due to our lack of spay/neuter laws. There are many great shelters working to save animals but a few of the ones I support are below. Shelter Angels helps pitbulls which is a group that is desperate for help in Georgia. Noah’s Ark takes in injured animals. All of these groups can use financial support.

“Saving one dog will not change the world…
but it will surely change the world for that one dog….”

– author unknown