Foursquare’s New Self-Service Ad Platform
The CEO and founder of Foursquare announced that it was putting its recent $41 million from investors into helping the mobile search and location-sharing platform move away from its perception as a simple “check-in app” and “get closer to being able to prove that there’s a real business here.”
Google’s Newest Roll Out Could Be A Gold Mine for Your Business
You know that frustration when you’re trying to fix something that you know, with just a little bit of guidance, you could fix yourself, but you end up hiring a costly professional to do it anyway? Leave it to Google to not only develop a solution to that situation, but to develop a solution that doesn’t even require you to leave your home or office. Google Helpouts are similar to the video chat service Google Hangouts except they allow you access to one-on-one video called “face time” with professionals in a wide range of fields. Though the service hasn’t gone live yet, the concept could prove to be a great resource for small businesses in more ways than one.