23 Nov The article emphasizes a focus on social and environmental responsibility integrated with simple amenities. This trend also speaks to the health and wellness focus that every aspect of our society is now addressing. Amenities that can help build relationships and make you feel healthier at the same time seem to be what we all are craving.

Based on emerging trends and buyer demographics; I think Brian De Lowe of Viceroy Hotel Group put it best.

“The resort development model of the past is dead”

A very blunt and straightforward comment, but it was what we need to hear right now.

Rebecca Zimmerman, president of Design Workshop, had this to say:

“Social connection is truly important” and “Now, people need people, and people find social nourishment by engaging with others”

It is an interesting take on resort development. Does this sound familiar to anyone? How about the emergences of social media?

Zimmerman pointed out a great statistic. 82% of the US populations enjoy walking outdoors for fun or exercise. Numbers indicate a growing trend for the future. This completely reinforces my blog from last week. Consumers are looking for something simple and natural. The good news for developers is that the startups cost for these amenities are low and require low maintenance expenses. Because of the concern over the economic future of real estate, these amenities also protect your bottom line while giving the consumer something they crave.

This article along with everything else I am reading, points back to a central theme or idea. The key to successful future building is simplicity. From housing to amenities, we are seeing a demand for simple design in everything.

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