28 May Consumers Are Ready For Energy Efficient Homes

Gov't Report Find Energy Star Program Vulnerable to Fraud

It is no doubt that consumer interest in green building is reshaping the housing market. This interest is so strong that certain markets during the housing market crash prospered due in large to the consumer demand for certified homes including Energy Star homes.

A poll conducted towards the end of last year reveals that homeowners are focusing specifically on improving their home’s value with energy-efficient upgrades. According to the USA TODAY poll, 68% of people surveyed claim they made these upgrades to their homes. 71% of those who made the upgrades did so to add value and save money. Only 26% said they did so to save the environment. I think this goes back to why sustainable and green building practices are really catching on. Consumers care more about the dollar signs then they do the environment. I am not saying this is true for everyone, but as a marketer I would design my message with this in mind.

Experts expect rising energy costs to continue to fuel the demand for energy-efficient homes in the future. I think consumers are becoming more and more educated on green building practices and what it means for them has homeowners. They are starting to understand that paying a little more for a certified home now will help them save money in the long run. This is great but agents and home sellers need to understand how to handle these selling situations. I don’t think it’s enough to slap a certification seal on your product and expect it to market itself. We need to understand how consumers will save money and be able to confidently explain that. Consumers will be asking all kinds of questions in regards to energy savings and we need to have the answers.

Sibet B Freides