23 Sep Small Smyrna Office May Represent The Future

View of a group of businesspeople posing for the camera in a conference room

A recent article on Builderonline.com talks about a small office building that was recently completed right here in Atlanta. The theme of the article is humbling as the completion of this 6,000 square foot space somehow represents Atlanta’s newest construction.

I understand the analogy here. Over the last decade Atlanta has seen the birth of an entire skyline. According to the article, in 1999 Atlanta completed construction of 11.2 million square feet in 258 buildings.

This 6,000 square foot office building is a definitive sign of our current construction industry. It is small, about half the size of a drugstore. While the size could be viewed as a representation of our struggling construction industry, some may view it as a precursor to the future. Smaller office spaces could easily be a trend of the future as massive building has gotten us where we are today. Also, this new office building is LEED certified.

So even though this article was meant to paint a picture of our struggling and halted industry and how much it has slowed, maybe this is a representation of what the future of office construction looks like. Maybe it will be smaller and I hope it will be LEED certified. Let’s try and take a positive note for the construction we do have.

Sibet B Freides