30 Jun How to Make Your Condo Feel Larger Than It Is

Have you downsized to a condo? You may love the proximity to exciting city life and the no-maintenance lifestyle, but you haven’t quite gotten used to the lack of space. Here are some easy tips to make what you have seem much bigger.

Mirrors visually expand your space – especially your entry or dining area. For the most dramatic effect, frame the entire wall.  Just remember to place it in a spot where don’t see your reflection most of the time to help create the illusion of space.

Forget the giant, antique table or the couch that could sleep two on the cushions alone! By keeping your furnishings in proportion with the size of your rooms, you avoid overpowering the little space you have. Use slim rockers, open-back chairs or a simple love seat.

The biggest secret to make your room appear spacious is by using light colors. Choices such as light green, blue, beige and tan can make your room more inviting. Light and brightly colored walls are more reflective and can definitely make the area appear larger. Painting your moldings a lighter color makes the walls appear farther back – thus making your rooms seem bigger.

What did we miss? Tell us some of your clever space-saving and illusory tricks!

Sibet B Freides