19 Jan Children Being Evicted?

As the economic downturn bears down on families, an increasing number of grandparents are stepping in to raise their grandchildren, and it’s presenting complicated issues when it comes to age restricted communities.

It’s Not a Minor Issue

The problem seems to be growing.

In one senior community in Florida, 10 cases have been discovered in the past six months where children were living with relatives.  These families are faced with a choice of evicting the child or selling their home within a set amount of time.

It’s not surprising that there are more multigenerational households with the current economy, but bending the rules for even one child could get an age restricted community in serious trouble.

Up to 20 percent of residents in age restricted communities can be under the set residency age, but this exception is for adult children who inherit property. The rule is never used to accommodate minors. If a community is found to exceed the 20 percent limit, it could lose its exemption status.

There’s also the matter that senior communities aren’t equipped for children; there are plenty of safety hazards that would have to be addressed, such as golf cart transportation and swimming pool specifications and insurance.

Do you think there should be a policy created that both maintains age-restricted enforcement and considers extreme family hardship? Or should families in these situations have to choose between their homes and their children?

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Sibet B Freides