05 Mar WalkScore Releases Best US Cities for Public Transit – Did Atlanta Make It?

Walk Score recently calculated the Transit Score for 316 cities and almost 7,000 neighborhoods to help home shoppers and apartment hunters find places to live with better commutes and more transportation choices.

The top 5 cities that you can live car-free are:

  • New York – 81
  • San Francisco – 80
  • Boston  – 75
  • Washington D.C. – 70
  • Philadelphia – 67

Naturally, older Northeast cities with established subway systems have the highest scores.  West Coast cities that have made more recent investments in light rail also score well.  Although cities in the south have a low average, Atlanta did make the southeast list! That’s because of many neighborhoods within Atlanta’s DMA that individually have high walk scores.

It’s become evident that buying or renting near public transit is a smart idea. Transportation is the second largest expense for American households.

Walk Score helps consumers find apartments, condos or homes near public transit with unique “search by commute time” features.

How important is a community’s Walk Score when you or your clients are looking to buy?

image courtesy of WalkScore.com

Sibet B Freides