19 Jan Builders: This Room is a Must-Have in 2015

ideaviews home office2014’s technology made it increasingly easier for us to work from home. Many were able to work in any room of a house. However, builders are seeing that the home office is becoming one of a home’s must-have features.

Dedicated office space doesn’t necessarily have to be a full room, rather a small nook with desk space or a sectioned off part of a family room. But more and more people are telecommuting and more and more students are using Google as their library.  The home office is growing in importance.

Marketwatch revealed that 77% of people surveyed said that any additional rooms not dedicated as bedrooms would be used as an office in their next home. Home offices can also make homes more attractive to buyers.

But home offices aren’t just useful for workspace. They are also a central place to collect household paperwork, pay bills, and more.

The number of employed people who work from home on a regular basis grew by 89.8% from 2005 to 2013, according to data from Global Workplace Analytics.

Builders must get creative in setting up office-friendly areas of new homes, such as in large landings on staircases or lofts. Even in smaller floorplans, such as townhouses, people choose the option to have a flexible space that can be used as an office, den or playroom.

What creative home office trends do you see coming to light in 2015?

Sibet B Freides