10 Aug Are Your Important Details Front and Center on Facebook?

Let’s talk about your “About” page on Facebook. Is it simply a snippet from your marketing brochure? Your company bio? Maybe it’s time to beef it up.

You have a short amount of time to gain the attention of potential fans. Put the most relevant details at the top of this section. How about including links to webinars, videos, upcoming events you’re hosting?

Instead of just a list of services, add your mission, vision and values… things that would matter to potential clients. Anticipate FAQs (or objections!) and answer a few of them ahead of time in your copy.

What about success stories? Examples of how you’ve helped other clients and testimonials will go a long way with your audience. This is the age of the review and people want to see who else recommends your business before they even consider hiring you.

Speaking of marketing brochures, it’s time to strike industry jargon from your messaging and talk to consumers in a conversational way. People are no longer impressed with market-specific terms and buzz words, it’s got to be about them. How you can help them. What’s in it for them?

Don’t forget to take advantage of Facebook’s Call to Action button!

Facebook designed it to bring a business’s most important objective to the forefront of its page presence. They can link to any destination on or off Facebook that aligns with a business’s goals. We are an online society that needs to be directed or led to the next action. Try telling your audience to “Book Now,” “Contact Us,” “Sign Up,” or “Watch Video” and then watch your Insights for the results!

image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Sibet B Freides