20 Jan 50+ Housing Online Magazine has come out with a few emerging trends for 2010. You can read it here.

Many predictions you have heard in other arenas, but I think it’s worth reading as a refresher. I am already spotting some of their predictions for the year in upcoming projects.

Their predictions include smaller homes and sustainable architecture. No surprises there, but there are a few predictions that I have yet to talk about.

Three Generational Families

In my opinion, this is a trend that is going to linger for a while. You can blame some of the push for multi-generational homes on the recession and increasing unemployment rate. Generation Y lost a lot of jobs this past year and they unfortunately had to move back home with mom and dad. This coupled with seniors moving in with their children for care is creating this trend for three-generational homes. There is also a cultural push that some cultures love having generations living together. Grandparents teach and help take care of the grandchildren. Remember those days?

Accessory Dwelling Units

Another interesting trend deals with adding second dwelling structure to residential properties. For the longest time ADUs were frowned upon by cities, but now many are starting to understand their benefits. It’s a good way for homeowners to generate income and they also provide an inexpensive housing option that will help increase the number of affordable homes. This is a huge benefit right now given the housing market and credit stranglehold.

Green Isn’t Going Anywhere

I know this isn’t new but it is controversial as many residential builders are saying the consumer doesn’t care about sustainable options. I can’t stress enough how important it is that your new project be constructed with sustainability in mind. For marketing reasons alone you should be planning on incorporating green features into your projects. This is going to become the standard and it’s not an option to skimp on these features. I can guarantee you that a buyer looking for a newly built home will be expecting sustainable and energy saving features. If you do decide to skip the sustainable features, you are taking yourself out of the game because your competitor will feature them.

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