24 Feb There was an interesting article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle recently about how large corporations are saving money through virtualization.

For those of you who haven’t heard of virtualization, I will explain. Virtualization refers to the creation of virtual computing space used for security, storage, and networking. You have probably heard of “cloud computing”, which is made possible by virtualization.

Businesses who use virtual servers will spend a third of what they would pay for physical servers. This is because there is no hardware or software to mess with. Plus, utilizing virtual servers will open up space and reduce labor.

Small startup businesses will be the ones to benefit the most from these virtual servers at first. By utilizing this server technology, companies can reduce server, labor, and space costs. Theatrically, a small business will be able to support more employees with a substantially smaller number of servers, which of course comes at a savings and an increase in proficiency. Larger companies have been the early adopters of this technology, but it is going to take them longer to fully integrate the systems and to see the savings.

Even though the topic of virtualization isn’t exactly related to real estate, it is related to your bottom line and I think it can help all of us. Companies all over Atlanta are looking for effective ways to reduce costs without reducing their staff. I think this is a great direction to go in for some savings. It seems like a win-win deal. You save money while increasing the efficient use your space, staff, and equipment.

Sibet B Freides