01 Mar I read an interesting article earlier this week about how to increase subscribers to you website or blog.

While I don’t exactly agree with his advice on adding subscription buttons everywhere, I do agree with his philosophy on visitor intentions and motives. You can read the article here and decide for yourself

As the article mentions, people are reading your blog or viewing your site for selfish reasons. I have said it before; consumers visiting your site don’t care about you. They are visiting your site because they need something that you have. This is the only reason people go to websites.

When I think about consumers using the Internet to research and shop, I try to think of it in simple terms. Consumers have a problem. They are trying to solve their problem by either buying a home or consuming a product. As marketers, it’s our job to make it look like we have the answer. We must be able to convince them that we have the answer to their problem. Unfortunately, we aren’t given much time to prove this. Consumers will give your website less than a minute to prove itself. This means you have only seconds to convince them to stay on your site.

It’s challenging, but its what we have to deal with. I do agree with the author that we need to remind users of the benefits we can offer. His point is that our websites and social media pages mean nothing unless we have something to offer our followers, visitors and subscribers. People are only looking out for themselves.

It is imperative that we give a little away in order to receive something in return. If you have a real estate blog, you need to give away some useful tips on how to house shop and what to look for. It builds credibility and it gives visitors a reason to return to your site or maybe even subscribe to your e-mail list.

Sibet B Freides