02 Mar Ashley Jennings has written a great summary on some of the design highlights from the International Builders Show. She thinks, and I agree, that some of her suggestions will make a huge impact on your sales success as we begin our climb out of this recession.

You can read Jennings’s article here.

I won’t go over every product that Jennings mentions in her article, but I will say that I like how she explains why they add perceived benefits for consumers.

Jennings really stresses the need to appeal to the savvy home buyers who are a part of the “Green” consumer market.

I think one of the bigger take aways from her article can be found in the paragraph where she talks about wood flooring.

“Regardless of the wood flooring that you install, it is clear that buyers want hard surface floors that have an eco-friendly oil finish that a sealer with VOC toxins.”

This says it all. As we limp out of the recession and homes start selling again, there is going to be a new wave of consumer demands that many sellers will encounter for the first time. Consumers are going to want the high quality finishes they are accustomed to but are also seeking eco-friendly products that will save them money. I don’t think it’s going to be good enough to boast sustainable building materials without showing consumers where they are going to save money.

As the housing market begins its recovery, we need to makes sure that we are ready to answer any questions consumers may have. It’s highly competitive already and perhaps sustainable homes give you an advantage over foreclosures. Make sure you that you have your product ready for the “new normal” consumer.

Sibet B Freides