23 Mar Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

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According to a recent Market Watch article, architects report that they are seeing a rising demand for kitchen and bathroom upgrades. Upon reading the article, you might be surprised at the kinds of upgrades homeowners are looking for.

More than 25% of architects responding to the survey say that they are seeing a steady increase in upgrades but not the standard things we are used to seeing.

Architects are noticing that consumer taste has changed over the last few years. Homeowners once had the “bigger is better mentality”. Not it seems that efficiency is the name of the game.

Some of the most desired kitchen upgrades include recycling centers, renewable flooring materials, and a computer area. These desires fit into current marketing trends seamlessly. Consumers are looking for sustainable options and convenient places to “plug in”. This is interesting because just a few years ago remodeling would probably consist of adding an extra dishwasher or two refrigerators. The idea of the current upgrades is to make existing space more usable.

The same principals apply for bathroom upgrades. Some of the upgrades in demand right now are water-saving toilets and LED lighting.

Even though this article focuses on architects renovating older homes, I think developers and builders can benefit from this information.

Whether you’re upgrading your current product or building new homes, I think this article can help you understand what consumers are looking for. If homeowners are making these upgrades on their own, shouldn’t you have them in your new homes? There is no doubt that new home buyers will be looking for these same things.

Sibet B Freides