30 Mar Smart Phone Applications That Can Help Home Buyers

Google phone Smart phone 'Nexus One' is pictured in Paris

As consumers continue to download smart phone applications, there uses are not just for gaming or entertainment anymore.

A recent Wall Street Journal article talks about some of the iPhone applications that have been developed in order to help home buyers locate homes and gather information. I think it’s very interesting to see how consumers are starting to use their phones and how application developers are creating software to satisfy market demands and trends.

Earlier this year I talked about the Realtor.com iPhone application but this article lists several more that I think you will find interesting. Some of these are not directly aimed at home buyers but are still very useful.

For example, home buyers are starting to use applications that will rate how safe an area is using their smart phone’s built-in GPS. It’s an application not specifically designed for home buyers, but it is very useful.

Walk Score application allows users too see a neighborhood’s rating in relation to ease of walking. One of the big home buying trends identified for the coming years is a desire for walking within the community. This is becoming important, so Front Seat LLC developed an application to help consumers. This application will rate the ease of walking to shops, restaurants, and other places. Can you imagine a real estate agent telling a consumer that the home is within walking distance of the grocery store only to have that consumer look at their phone and get a different answer? These applications will hold all of us accountable,

It is interesting to see not only real estate but also technology companies developing phone applications that will help homebuyers. This represents a shift in the way consumers are shopping for homes. It is a sign of the times. It represents where we are as an industry and where we are heading. These are only the first wave of applications for homebuyers. It will be interesting to see what other applications will be developed. What about a property tax calculator or other on the go financial applications? I think that this is only the beginning.

Sibet B Freides