11 May Engage With All Of Your Marketing Not Just Social Media

Two businessmen shaking hands, close-up

We get it. We need to engage with our consumers through social media. Engage has become a major buzzword in the marketing, advertising, and public relations industries and for good reason. Any successful social media campaign will involve some sort of engagement so the word is relevant.

The problem is that businesses are associating “engage” only with social media. Shouldn’t all of your marketing strategies be engaging? I think they should and I also think that marketing strategies should be constant across multiple platforms.

For example, you could produce a direct mail piece that carries the same message as your social media efforts and your e-blast. Imagine receiving all three and each one has its own call to action. That would be confusing to consumers and would result in no action. If we develop a strong call to action in our messages and keep that message constant across marketing platforms, we can increase the likelihood of recipient action.

Businesses everywhere are jumping into social media because it’s new, innovative, and provides some unique communication opportunities. There are certainly things that social media can do that other forms of marketing can’t. This doesn’t mean that we should jump ship on some of the more traditional marketing tactics including direct mail and e-blasts. I suggest we figure out how to leverage each one in so that they can compliment one another. Maybe your direct mail piece can suggest recipients “like” your Facebook page. Maybe your e-newsletter can be a couple of your blog posts put together with a suggestion to read your blog for more.

I think that the power of social media reaches beyond just itself. Its usefulness can help you with your other marketing efforts if you allow it. I’m sure that there are plenty of ways that we can format our messages so they work across multiple marketing platforms.

Sibet B Freides