18 May Getting The Most Out Of PPC

One of the business sites of internet search engine Google Inc is shown on a computer screen in Encinitas

According to a Builderonline.com article, “Nearly three-fourths of small business owners said they’d rather work on filing their taxes than set up a search engine marketing campaign.” I find this to be a true statement as most of my clients cringe at the thought of selecting keywords, creating ads, and tracking the analytical data. Unfortunately most small businesses take this attitude but still initiate the campaign. The result is a waste of money. Below are a couple of ways businesses are missing the mark with their campaigns.

Keyword Selection Is Everything

Everything in your search marketing campaign hinges on your keywords. My advice is to be as specific as possible. For starters, being specific will produce high quality traffic or clicks. Being vague with your keywords may produce more clicks but as most of you know clicks aren’t always a good thing when they are costing money but not getting quality traffic. Being specific also makes you more visible to those who are looking for your product. Specific keywords will increase your chances in converting clicks into potential leads. It will also give you the most for your money.

Ad Copy In Relation To Keywords

Your PPC ad copy needs to relate to the keywords that generate it as a search result. If you’re selling a loft in downtown Atlanta it would make sense to include the words Atlanta, loft, and downtown in your keywords. I would suggest being more specific than this but for the sake of an example, I will keep it simple. Let’s say a potential buyer searches Google with these keywords and your ad shows up in one of the top spots and is visible to the searcher. If your ad doesn’t relate to the keywords then the likelihood of the searcher clicking on your ad is not very good. If you want to use geography-based keywords like Atlanta then you must include those same words in your ad copy. It is important to give searchers what they are looking for.

If You Do It, Do It All The Way

PPC advertising requires a lot of effort and time. This is why so many businesses don’t want to do it or do it haphazardly. If you are going to venture into search engine marketing then I suggest you do it all the way. Otherwise, your efforts may end up being a huge waste of money.

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