20 May How To Use YouTube Effectively?

YouTube is now serving 2 billion downloads a day to its users.  This is nearly double the number of people who watch the three prime time TV stations in America.  The popularity of online video has grown exponentially year after year. According to a BBC article, YouTube will not only continue to grow but it will start to become a worthy competitor to cable.

Many homebuilders, developers, and sales agents are utilizing the popularity of YouTube to generate leads for real estate and for good reasons.  There are so many benefits to using videos when it comes to showing real estate properties.  There is a stronger emotional connection with video than there is with words and pictures alone.  In addition to the visual benefits, video results in a Google search are 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of a search compared to plain text.

While these benefits are great, I think a lot of companies are missing the mark when it comes to organizing their YouTube channel.  For starters, a lot of companies who own multiple projects or communities will list all of their videos under one channel.  This causes clutter and confusion.  Property A should have its own YouTube channel named according to the community name. It could include videos of homes, amenities, community aspects, and anything else relating to that specific community.  Property B would then have its own YouTube channel following the same guidelines.

It is important to be organized with your YouTube channels so that viewers can easily access videos of a specifically desired property.  Someone looking for a community in Georgia probably isn’t too interested in its sister community that’s located in Florida.

Organizing YouTube channels in this manner will make things a lot easier for searchers from within YouTube and those coming from Google.  If someone searches Google for your or one of your properties and gets the wrong one then they will not go through your channel looking for it. They will leave and you will have missed out on a great opportunity.

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