04 Jun Luxury Realtors Ahead Of The Marketing Curve

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According to an Influential Marketing Blog, Realtors in the luxury home market may be ahead of the curve when it comes to building personal brands and other marketing practices in general.

There has been a strong increase in attention to personal branding since the rise of social media. Professionals in all industries are finding new ways to better build their reputation in order to advance and make sales. This is something that Realtors, especially those in the luxury market, already know all too well.

Realtors understand that credibility is everything and social media has effectively expanded this idea into other industries. Personal branding for CEOs is more important now than ever and it’s thanks to social media sites like LinkedIn.

What Else Have Realtors Been Doing Well?

One thing that is required in luxury real estate marketing is high quality visuals. This includes videos and photos. Both of which can be leveraged for great gain in social media on sites like YouTube and Flickr. Realtors know that these extravagant properties will only sell if they are beautifully showcased on the Internet. Visuals are crucial in Real Estate and data proves that consumers in all markets like visuals instead of type. This is why YouTube is so popular.

This raises the question of whether or not your own property photos are properly telling the story. If you are a community that considers its pool a large selling point shouldn’t you focus on having some incredible visuals of it. Don’t stop at photos, you need video as well because of its relevance in search engines and its emotional appeal. Isn’t that what selling Real Estate all about?

One last point

Most luxury Realtors are a part of the communities they sell in. This gives them a significant amount of credibility. This is just like joining social networks. These networks are communities that you must join to gain credibility.

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