07 Jun The Benefits Of Planning Events On Social Networks

Three business people in conversation

Real Estate is a business built on relationships and this is why so many think that social networking is the perfect fit for the industry. I agree with the notion that the relationships we form on social networks are beneficial but in order to be profitable they usually need to go beyond the social space. This is where Twitter and other social networking events come into play.

Tweet Ups or other events that are initially started on social networks represent how online relationships can turn into real life ones without much effort. It didn’t take users long to realize that as powerful of a communication tool Twitter was, its was also a great way to gather people in person. This is when Twitter became useful for business networking. That’s not to say that online relationships can’t be beneficial. I still think that face-to-face is more powerful, especially when you have a prior social media relationship. I think that this is one of the strongest types of networking.

This is how so many businesses, including real estate ones, are leveraging social networking planned events to create strong bonds. By creating online relationships you are planting a seed for growth. When you are able to associate a face or real-life experience with a social networking relationship, its strength multiplies and the odds of doing business or making a sale increase.

Having events planned and organized via social networks are beneficial for other reasons. During the planning and advertising, information will leak to others that you might not be in contact with. This will help spread the word. You might also be surprised at how many people are willing to help you with your event. A catering company that you may not have considered may volunteer to provide food for your event. Making your events public on social networks can be very beneficial for multiple reasons. I recommend starting with a strong plan. Why are you hosting the event and who is it for? What are your goals for the event? We need marketing goals to determine the success of our efforts. Social networking events are no different.

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