15 Jun Marketers Using Social Media For Lead Generation

According to a recent E-Marketer blog post, social media is the top emerging channel for lead generation among technology marketers surveyed last month.

Lead generation has always been a high priority for marketers but recently it’s become increasingly important through social networks. In fact, 66% of the respondents in E-Marketer’s survey say that it’s their first priority where only 17% say brand awareness is their top priority.


The majority of marketing professional engage in social media in hopes of increasing lead generation. One of the greatest challenges of lead generation on any platform is creating leads that are actually qualified, which is obviously a major concern of real estate companies and marketers. We often use demographics and geography to determine the quality of our leads.

Unqualified leads are something that cannot be avoided but I think social media can really help marketers in the evaluation process of new leads. Online profiles are becoming more and more prevalent and marketers should be utilizing this public information to better understand their leads and determine their qualification.

It’s also interesting to think about the possibilities of nurturing those leads that are not ready to take action yet. A qualified lead may not be ready to buy but you can still indirectly stay within their communication channels through social media. This is a great way to stay in their visual with out annoying them with phone calls and mailers. Every now and then you can pop up on their Twitter or Facebook feed and maybe one day they will be ready to buy. You’ll have a head start in their search because they already know about you.

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