01 Jul How Blogs Are Changing The Web

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Social Media Examiner has a great article about blogs, their usefulness, and how they’re changing the face of the Web. You can read it here.

As the author mentions, companies around the world are embracing WordPress and other blogging platforms as not only a means to blog but also as a foundation for entire websites. I have learned that WordPress can be used to create great looking websites that are easily managed and updated. We have actually created a few client websites using it and are very pleased with the results.

The big benefit with using such a system for your website is the ease of updating it allows. Having an updated website is important for two reasons.

The first has to do with SEO. Google site rankings are based on several factors but the freshness of a website weighs heavily in its ranking equation. A blog platform like WordPress allows you to quickly and easily update a website or blog with little or no website coding experience. This will help you keep your website fresh without too much time and trouble.

The second has to do with your site visitors. The bad thing about static web pages is that they are never updated and become boring to visitors. In fact, visitors may come to your website and never return because they feel they have seen everything. Constantly updating your website will help keep visitors interested. This is one of the big reasons that people like blogs. They’re rich in information when written properly and become a fresh source of knowledge.

The article over on Social Media Examiner gives several reasons why blogs are changing the Web and I would suggest reading it if you’re on the fence about blogs. It’s a great point-by-point explanation on why many people think blogs are changing the Web and also molding its future.

Sibet B Freides