08 Jul Digital Advertising Isn’t The Housing Market Savior

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I recently read an article titled “Online marketing comes to realty market rescue”. I can’t say that I completely agree with the title or the contents of the article but I do think that an attention to digital marketing has helped realty-based companies during the housing market crash.

The titled of the article makes you think that without a slumping housing market, things would have carried on as normal. The truth is that a slumping housing market and major advertising budget cuts forced marketers and advertisers to find better ways to utilize their funds than traditional means. The explosion of digital marketing was going to happen with or without a housing market crash. Every emerging market trend that we are seeing right now that relates to digital would be happening anyway. The crash just accelerated the transition to a more digital based strategy and forced marketers to reevaluate their advertising expenditures.

The housing market crash and budget cuts were not the sole reason digital marketing and social media have become so prevalent. If this were true, a recovery in the housing market would mean that advertisers could revert back to their old ways and that will absolutely not be the case in the coming years as we begin to see a recovery.

Online marketing isn’t rescuing the housing market. It’s a misleading title. It should be, “The financial crisis speeds up the adoption of online marketing in realty markets”.

Sibet B Freides