06 Aug Look Beyond Square Footage

Row of miniature houses

A reduction in square footage in new homes shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing. In fact, consumers are actually looking for homes that are smaller, include sustainable features, and are high customizable.

This doesn’t mean that builder should down scale their current floorplans, add Energy Star appliances, and give buyers a choice of finishes. Creating a smaller yet attractive floorplan is somewhat of an art. Lucky for us there is an article on Builderonline.com that hits on a few strategies when it comes to successfully downsizing floorplans. It turns out that it involves more than just removing a bedroom or a closet.

According to the article, creating an attractive floorplan less than 2,000 square feet involves strategically placing windows and adding character wherever possible. Buyers are still looking for a nice space to call home and a reduction in size makes the need for character more important than ever. Ideas include varying the heights of ceilings in different rooms which adds depth to the home’s design; placing windows at the end of hallways and including natural light are key aspects in design.

We can’t forget about the importance of high-end and customizable features within the home. Just because buyers are looking for smaller floorplans doesn’t mean they are skimping on the overall living experience. A compromise in space will surely mean an expectancy of nicer fixtures and details. This is especially true with Generation Y buyers.

Smaller homes are definitely in demand, which will continue to grow. Be sure to strategically plan your new homes by looking beyond a reduction in space and focus on an increase in character and customizable options.

Sibet B Freides